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4 min readJun 12, 2024


Today SubQuery has hit a monumental milestone by adding indexing support for our 200th network. This achievement cements SubQuery’s position as one of the largest blockchain indexers on the market, underscoring our dedication to enhancing the accessibility and efficiency of blockchain infrastructure for developers worldwide.

SubQuery’s indexer SDK launched nearly 3 years ago and our first home was the Polkadot ecosystem. Back then, many web3 teams were unable to make progress due to the absence of a suitable indexing solution in non-EVM chains. They were unable to build and scale their applications or help any developers in their ecosystems build and scale theirs. And that’s why we launched SubQuery in February 2021, providing a much-needed solution for countless developers as they build and launch their dApps.

“SubQuery is a game-changer for developers, saving valuable time and resources. We’ve experienced first-hand the reduction of costs by using SubQuery’s Managed Service instead of running everything on our infrastructure in the cloud.”

— Sicco Naets, Head of Ecosystem at Moonbeam

The multi-chain architecture of Polkadot equipped us with the tools to quickly and efficiently expand to new chains and it wasn’t long before we expanded into Cosmos followed by Avalanche and then snowballed our indexing support to a whopping 200 chains over Ethereum, Cosmos, Polkadot, Algorand, NEAR, Concordium, and Stellar.

“We were astonished by SubQuery’s lightning-fast integration of indexing for our chain, completing the task within a matter of days. Their swift response and seamless implementation exceeded our expectations”

— Hakan Sezikli, Co-Founder of BEVM

Pioneering Blockchain Data Accessibility

With the ever-expanding list of layer-1 and layer-2 blockchains launching, the need for efficient, scalable, and reliable data indexing solutions is more critical than ever. SubQuery addresses this need by offering a comprehensive indexing platform that now encompasses 200 blockchain networks, including major ecosystems like Base, Arbitrum, Ethereum, Polkadot, Cosmos, Avalanche, as well as many emerging networks.

“SubQuery’s integration of Dymension was an important asset for us and the first data indexer we deployed. We are very happy to leverage SubQuery’s capabilities to enable groundbreaking applications within the Dymension ecosystem.”

— Yishay, CEO, Dymension Labs

The promise of EVM Layer-2’s has become extremely evident as of late and we wanted to help developers get SubQuery support as rapidly and frictionlessly as possible. Now if you’re building an EVM Layer-2 and you need support for your testnet, you only need to fill out a short form. The Github issue template triggers an automated action to add support for your EVM network. It takes only a few seconds to complete, and automates the setup and testing of your network meaning indexing support is only minutes away!

“We were amazed by how quickly SubQuery integrated indexing for our chain. Their efficiency has accelerated the developer experience in our ecosystem and we’re grateful for their support.”

— Shubham Bhandari, Ecosystem Head at Manta Network

Unmatched Features for a Diverse Ecosystem

SubQuery is designed to empower developers with a robust set of indexing features, ensuring seamless data querying and extraction from a wide variety of blockchain networks.

Key features include:

  • Fast: SubQuery ensures fast and reliable data querying capabilities that can handle large volumes of blockchain data with ease. They recently released version 4.0 and reported their indexer is now 3.9x faster than the Graph.
  • Flexible: SubQuery is a scaffold for building custom APIs with additional features like GraphQL subscriptions, automated historical tracking, and more.
  • Multi-chain: SubQuery allows developers to index data from different blockchains into a unified database. As a result, developers can query a single endpoint to retrieve data from multiple blockchain networks simultaneously, providing a vastly superior user experience in their dApps.

“Reaching 200 supported networks is a significant milestone that reflects the relentless efforts of our team and the strong support from our community” said James Bayly, COO of SubQuery. “Our mission has always been to provide developers with the best tools to build the future of decentralised applications, and achieving this milestone brings us a step closer to realising that vision.”

Looking Ahead: Future Innovations

As SubQuery celebrates this milestone, the team remains focused on future innovations and improvements. SubQuery intends to broaden its extensive chain coverage by making it incredibly fast to add new chain support. The team have also identified the need for decentralised indexing to allow developers to truly decentralise their tech stack. The SubQuery Network is determined to revolutionise the industry by being a decentralised data marketplace that supports all 200 existing networks and soon to be even more.

Check out all 200 of SubQuery’s supported networks here:

About SubQuery

SubQuery Network is innovating web3 infrastructure with tools that empower builders to decentralise the future. Our fast, flexible, and open data indexer supercharges dApps on over 200 networks, enabling a user-focused web3 world. Soon, our Data Node will provide breakthroughs in the RPC industry, and deliver decentralisation without compromise. We pioneer the web3 revolution for visionaries and forward-thinkers. We’re not just a company — we’re a movement driving an inclusive and decentralised web3 era. Let’s shape the future of web3, together.

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