SubQuery is Joining the Patract Open Platform

Providing Free Data Indexing for Wasm Tech Alliance

SubQuery is joining the Patract Open Platform to jointly promote the development of public infrastructure, promote the evolution of contract technology, and to develop the Wasm contract development ecosystem.

SubQuery is a blockchain data-as-a-service provider.

SubQuery aggregates and organises data from Polkadot and Substrate, providing developers with well-structured data support that allows them to use data in various projects efficiently.

By doing so, SubQuery helps DApp developers focus on the core and front-end development without the time-consuming task of building a custom back-end for data processing, saving development time and effort.

SubQuery can help Polkadot and Substrate projects build better DApps by supporting every Substrate and Polkadot ecological team to process, query, transform, and store data.

Today, anyone can query and extract data from Polkadot in a matter of minutes with SubQuery’s free help.

SubQuery believes that contracts are an important part of a thriving Polkadot ecosystem. Providing data indexing services for Wasm contracts has always been a major goal of SubQuery. SubQuery is excited to see that the Open Platform has brought together a large number of great projects, and that everyone is working together to contribute to the healthy and stable advancement of Wasm contracts.

SubQuery will be working with contract projects within the alliance to participate in early trials of our supported contract versions. Providing free data indexing technical support and deployment services. All projects can use SubQuery’s open source SDK to build their own SubQuery Projects, which can then be uploaded and hosted by SubQuery where they run the project and provide GraphQL query services. Secondly, the SubQuery Network will be online soon, and SubQuery will provide all participants with a decentralized and transparent network, to better solve the data inefficiency problem.

Patract Labs believes that the development of Polkadot Wasm contract technology requires continuous supplementation and improvement of infrastructure. SubQuery joins the Patract Open Platform as a data infrastructure provider that complements the need of Polkadot’s ecosystem, providing decentralized data, by liberalizing access, and reducing the operating costs of connecting and applying data in a project. Therefore, developers no longer need to invest a lot of time to build and maintain their own indexing solutions. Secondly, it is difficult for blockchain data to be directly stored in DApps, since DApps need to obtain and transform data from the underlying data source. Thus, the on-chain indexing scheme of SubQuery is a great foundation for explosive growth of DApps in the Polkadot ecology. Currently, SubQuery is also exploring a solution combining SQL tools with Wasm smart contracts, and we are looking forward to it.

About Patract Labs

Patract Labs provides solutions for the development of Parachains and DApps in the Wasm smart contract ecosystem of Polkadot. We help the community to design and develop on-chain contract modules and Runtime support, and provide DApp developers with full-stack tools and services support, covering development, testing, debugging, deployment, monitoring, data provider, and front-end development stages.


About SubQuery

The mission of SubQuery is to make the world’s decentralized data more accessible. SubQuery is a data-as-a-service provider that aggregates and organises data from Polkadot and Substrate projects; it empowers Polkadot/Substrate projects to build better DApps by providing well-structured data for developers.

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近日,SubQuery 宣布加入 Patract 开放平台,旨在共同推动公共基础设施建设和合约技术升级演进,发展 Wasm 合约开发生态。

SubQuery 是一个区块链数据服务提供者。

我们聚合和整理来自于 Polkadot 和 Substrate 的数据,从而为开发人员提供结构良好的数据支持,使大家能够轻松地、快捷地将数据使用于各种区块链项目中。

SubQuery 可以帮助 DApp 开发人员专注于核心和前端的建设,而不需要浪费大量时间构建用于数据处理的自定义后端,这样可以为开发人员节省更多的开发时间和精力。

SubQuery 可以支持每个 Substrate 或 Polkadot 生态团队处理、查询、转换和存储数据,以此来帮助 Polkadot 或 Substrate 项目构建更好的 DApp。

如今,任何人都可以在 SubQuery 的帮助下用几分钟的时间免费查询和提取 Polkadot 上的数据。

我们相信 Polkadot 生态的繁荣,合约是一个重要的组成部分。为 Wasm 合约提供数据索引服务一直都是 SubQuery 项目的目标之一。我们很兴奋能看到 Patract Open Platform 已经凝聚了大量优秀的区块链项目,并且大家都共同为推动 Wasm 合约健康地、稳健地发展贡献自己的力量。

接下来我们会与联盟内合约项目进行合作,参与我们早期支持合约版本的测试,并免费提供数据索引技术支持和部署服务。所有项目都可以使用我们的开源 SDK 来构建自己的 SubQuery Projects,之后可以上传托管给我们运行和提供 GraphQL 查询服务,其次 SubQuery Network — 我们的网络即将上线,我们将为所有的参与者提供去中心化和透明的网络,可以更好地解决数据的冗余问题。

Patract Labs 表示,波卡Wasm合约技术的发展就是需要基础设施的不断补充和完善,SubQuery 作为数据类的基础设施提供商加入 Patract Open Platform,很好的补充了波卡生态上对去中心化数据的高度自由化访问,降低了项目在连接、应用数据的运营成本,同时开发者无需再投入大量精力来构建维护自己的索引解决方案。其次,DApp 是需要从底层数据源获取和转换数据,因此区块链数据很难在 DApp 应用中直接调取使用的格式存储,那么 SubQuery 的链上索引方案则为波卡生态上的 DAPP 应用爆发带来很好的基础支撑。目前 SubQuery 也在探索将 SQL 工具结合到 Wasm 智能合约的解决方案,对此,我们十分期待。

关于 Patract Labs

Patract Labs 是波卡 Wasm 合约生态的平行链,为 DApp 开发提供解决方案。我们帮助社区平行链设计和开发链上合约模块和 Runtime 支持,并且为 DApp 开发者提供覆盖开发、测试、调试、部署、监控、数据提供和前端开发等阶段性的全栈工具和服务支持。


关于 SubQuery

SubQuery 的使命是让世界上去中心化的数据更容易获取。SubQuery 是一个数据即服务的供应商,聚集和整理来自 Polkadot 和 Substrate 项目的数据,为开发者提供结构良好的数据,帮助 Polkadot/Substrate 项目更好的创建 DApps 。

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SubQuery Network

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