October 2021 Recap

Putting Our Plans Into Motion

Welcome to the latest monthly update from SubQuery, and what will be the first one for many of you based on the growth of our community.

From here on out we will try to structure every update around three key areas; community, core product development, and the SubQuery Network.

SubQuery Network

Technical Roadmap Announced

We’ve gone extremely deep here for transparency with the community and to rationalise the work we have ahead. It’s an ambitious timeline that we are internally using as a target, you can see how many moving pieces there are from the image below! That being said, estimating timelines for R&D software development is notoriously difficult, so nothing below is final — it’s just our best effort at estimations.

Read more about our technical roadmap here

Significant Development on the SubQuery Network

Core Product Development

Moonriver EVM Support

This is a significant milestone for us and a huge partnership with Moonbeam. Currently, there is no open-source tool which allows developers to flexibly collect and query data across both Ethereum and Polkadot/Kusama. This limitation can cause dApps solutions within Moonriver to be siloed into the smart contract layer and thereby limit their potential to consumers across both thriving networks.

This partnership with Moonbeam brings a complete and unified data indexing solution for all blockchain data within Moonriver and will greatly benefit Moonriver’s growing application ecosystem. With SubQuery’s innovation, one tool can now query and filter EVM logs and transactions in addition to Substrate data sources.

Read more about our Moonriver EVM support here


The Spartan Programme

The Spartan programme exists within our Discord community, and it is designed to complement our established ambassador programme with another tier or contributors. Aspiring members can complete monthly tasks and competitions to become a Spartan. The Spartans who then rise to the top of their class will be nominated by our existing Ambassadors to join their ranks.

To find out more about our Spartan programme and participate in our November competition please join our Discord.

Read more about our Spartan programme here

SubQuery Academy

Onboarding new developers and teaching them the skills they need to build the dApps of tomorrow is incredibly important to the success of our community.

The Academy will be a weekly series of 6 modules with several 5 to 10 minute lessons which are delivered by a recorded video. The video content is accompanied by written tutorials, slides, lab workbooks, and links to the finished GitHub code repository.

Our Academy aims to take an aspiring blockchain developer from beginner to advanced and it is 100% free and accessible online. We have had over 1,200 enrolments for our first hero course since its launch two weeks ago and we are grateful for the passionate community that we have with us.

Read more about SubQuery’s Academy here

Community Call

Watch the October session recording here

Other things you might have missed

If you would like to learn more you can view all projects easily via our Explorer here.

As always, please join our social channels to stay updated on our latest news and announcements. James, Sam, and the SubQuery Team

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