May 2024 Monthly Recap

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6 min readJun 4, 2024


In May, we saw more growth in both network support and our customer base. We continued to enhance our platform, including a new feature designed to improve the user experience on the SubQuery Network App. These advancements underscore our commitment to providing a seamless and efficient experience for all our users.

Simultaneously, we’ve launched our Weekly SubQuery Network Mastery Series and Educational content to enhance your knowledge and journey within the SubQuery Network and web3.

New Notification Centre Feature

Recognising the busy lives of Node Operators and Delegators, we’re committed to minimising your active effort on the SubQuery Network. We’ve introduced a new notification centre to simplify participation, enabling users to quickly see what actions are needed to maximise rewards and save time.

Find out more here.

SubQuery now supports a total of 192 networks!

We’re constantly expanding our network support and in May, we announced indexing support for KYVE, Energy Web, Reef, Artela, and XDC.

Here are some of the feedback we’ve received from them:

“SubQuery’s fast and feature-rich indexer provides an intuitive and excellent user experience, which is now a crucial piece of infrastructure for KYVE’s developer community. It’s great that KYVE’s trustless datasets support SubQuery indexers with historical data needs.”

— Fabian Riewe, Co-Founder of KYVE

“We at Energy Web are thrilled to announce our collaboration with SubQuery Network. With the Energy Web Chain (EWC), based on the EVM, and the Energy Web X Parachain (EWX), based on substrate, our ecosystem gains significant momentum with the indexing capabilities provided by SubQuery Network. This partnership ensures swift access to both chains, enhancing the seamless functionality of our ecosystem.”

Daniyal Ajdadi, Director of Marketing and Communications at Energy Web

“This decentralised data indexing solution from SubQuery is a game changer, meeting all the criteria for an unparalleled development process. With its intuitive interface and comprehensive examples, it’s the perfect solution for dealing with large amounts of data in real-time.”

— Denko Mancheski, CEO, Reef Chain

> “SubQuery helps to empower builders with faster and more efficient data access on our platform. So far it has been really helpful and it’s also really easy to use.”

— Mike Ma, DevRel, Artela

Automatic Support for your EVM network

The development of many EVM Layer-2’s has become extremely evident as of late and we wanted to help developers get SubQuery support as rapidly and frictionlessly as possible. Now if you’re building an EVM Layer-2 and you need support for your testnet, you only need to fill out a short form. The GitHub issue template triggers an automated action to add support for your EVM network. It takes only a few seconds to complete, and automates the setup and testing of your network meaning indexing support is only minutes away!

New Customers: StakeStone & Agoric

Last month, we saw our customer base grow with the addition of two new names: StakeStone and Agoric.

A particularly interesting case study is Agoric, who we started supporting at the end of last year however they recently upgraded from the Standard plan to the Partner plan, which reflects the reliability and robustness of our data-fetching capabilities.

Here are the feedback we received from our new customers:

“Since our business relies on multiple networks, we initially tried other partners, but their chain support is limited, so we switched to SubQuery. SubQuery can track any EVM-compatible network and that is the most ideal solution for us.”

— Ivan K, CMO, StakeStone

“At Agoric, we’re thrilled to see Subquery used in the Inter Protocol dashboard ( Subquery’s robust data-fetching capabilities allow users to see critical market data, while they deposit over 5 different collateral types like ATOM and stATOM to create Vaults and mint IST. This integration empowers users to engage in the $6B+ interchain market while maintaining control over their collateral, exemplifying the efficiency and reliability of SubQuery’s platform.”

–Sufyaan Khan, Platform Product Manager, Agoric Systems

Thank you for trusting us with your data requirements and sharing valuable feedback. We’re truly grateful for your support!

Learn how to navigate the SubQuery Network better with the SubQuery Mastery Series

The SubQuery Mastery Series, is designed to help you navigate the SubQuery Network and maximise your potential rewards.

Our articles will cater to all levels of experience, from seasoned Node Operators and Delegators to newcomers eager to get started with the SubQuery Network. Whether you’re looking to optimise your participation, understand the delegation process, or simply learn the basics, this series will provide the insights and guidance you need to make the most of your SubQuery experience.

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Are you eager to learn more about Web3 concepts, discover new projects making waves in the space, or stay informed about exciting campaigns from SubQuery? Make sure to read our weekly educational articles to deepen your understanding and potentially earn rewards.

Our articles provide valuable insights and updates, keeping you at the forefront of the rapidly evolving Web3 landscape.

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Farcaster Bounty

You might have heard rumblings about Farcaster becoming web3’s very own SuperApp! Read all about it here and for our developer community, we have an ongoing Farcaster Frames bounty campaign with big prizes up for grabs for the top 3 submissions!

Check out the Farcaster bounty here.

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