Kepler Network Update #1: Progress, Rewards, and Engagement

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4 min readMay 26, 2023

It has been a little over three weeks since the launch of the Kepler Network, and we are excited to provide you with an update on its progress. Kepler represents the next stage of development for SubQuery and is the last one before we launch our decentralised SubQuery Network. The Kepler network is the “pre-mainnet” of SubQuery that will enable thousands of users to progressively adopt the decentralised features of the network and earn real rewards for their efforts.

As a part of the Kepler launch, we are also issuing a kSQT token which can be burned in exchange for SQT once the SubQuery Network is launched. kSQT will be tradeable while the Kepler network is online, allowing more people to acquire the token and participate, as well as allowing indexers to swap kSQT rewards to pay for their infrastructure. You can read more about the swap process here.

The past three weeks of Kepler’s journey can be categorised into three key stages, each contributing to the network’s growth and stability.

Week 1: Onboarding Indexers

During the first week, our primary focus was onboarding Indexers and ensuring they were equipped to index two complex dictionary projects — the Polkadot and Kusama dictionaries. We provided necessary backups to streamline the onboarding process, recognizing its significance before onboarding additional dictionaries. We are proud to report that over 50 indexers have successfully joined and commenced indexing on each project. While we are gradually scaling our operations, we anticipate more Indexers joining us soon.

Week 2: Analysing Indexers

In the second week, we closely monitored Indexers to verify their successful initiation and operational status. Our efforts were dedicated to tracking uptime, reliability, and the stability of the network and its smart contracts. This stage proved to be a tremendous success, instilling confidence in us to progress to the next phase.

Week 3: Beginning to Reward Indexers

Last week, on Tuesday, May 16th, we initiated the first round of rewards for Indexers. We published the Indexer Excellency Programme reward menu, clarifying how we rank Indexers for the allocation of agreements during Kepler. It is important to note that we now consider Kepler a production network, therefore Indexers indicating that their indexing services are ready for use will be penalised for any downtime.

As the first week of rewards has concluded, we are excited to share some data on the numbers from this initial phase. If you’re an Indexer, you should now go and claim your rewards here.

A graph showing the minute-by-minute requests made to each indexer.

We are pleased to announce that the next reward era (running each week) has already commenced, ensuring that all Indexers have been selected at least once, making it possible for everyone to start receiving rewards. Furthermore, Ambassadors can now access their kSQT tokens and actively engage with Kepler by delegating to their favourite Indexers.

Our team will continue to diligently monitor rewards rates and staking yield, and we cannot wait to share the results with our community. If you are an Indexer, we encourage you to claim your rewards promptly using the provided link.

The Kepler Network is gaining momentum, with increased engagement and rewarding opportunities. We are grateful for the continued support and participation of our community as we work towards a decentralised future in the blockchain ecosystem. Stay tuned for further updates as we embark on this exciting journey together.

If you have any questions, please reach out to the team in our Discord.

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