Introducing the SubQuery Ambassador Program

Represent SubQuery in Your Community!

SubQuery aims to be the leading data provider in Polkadot. Our mission is to power the biggest dApps in our growing ecosystem, and we’re already working with DeFi apps like Acala and Bifrost, wallets like Fearless Wallet, NFT platforms like KodaDot, cross-chain bridges like Darwinia, and analytics platforms like SubVis.

What we Believe In

Our team came together with the shared vision to build the foundations of a flexible and inclusive data service for the Polkadot ecosystem.

Our Ambassadors Program

Our SubQuery Ambassador program aims to find community leaders passionate about Polkadot and SubQuery. We’re looking for self-starters that can spread the word about SubQuery in their local areas and provide support to new developers that want to use SubQuery to build amazing apps and services on Polkadot.

Ambassador Benefits

At SubQuery, we work hard to achieve what we do. Similarly, Ambassadors are expected to commit some time when joining our team but will be rewarded with benefits.

How does it work

Our Ambassador program has multiple tiers, each tier has different benefits and capabilities. You can move up tiers by participating in Ambassador activities and working hard for us.

Ambassador Activities

SubQuery Ambassadors are able to contribute through four main areas, including event management, content creation, translation, and community moderation. You can participate in as many areas as you want, you’re not bound to any single one.

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SubQuery is here to help you transform and query the world’s data for a web3.0 future.