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SubQuery aims to be the leading data provider in Polkadot. Our mission is to power the biggest dApps in our growing ecosystem, and we’re already working with DeFi apps like Acala and Bifrost, wallets like Fearless Wallet, NFT platforms like KodaDot, cross-chain bridges like Darwinia, and analytics platforms like SubVis.

Our ecosystem is growing, and with our announcement of the SubQuery Network we’re looking for people from around the world to join us on our mission. The SubQuery team is excited to announce that we are opening up applications for our new Ambassador program!

We understand that one of our biggest strengths is our community, and with your help we want to grow and establish local ambassadors for communities around the world.

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What we Believe In

Our team came together with the shared vision to build the foundations of a flexible and inclusive data service for the Polkadot ecosystem.

Built by developers, for developers: SubQuery is a growing community that focuses on providing the best products and services for our developers, and builders in our ecosystem. SubQuery is only successful if the Polkadot ecosystem is successful, and so everything we do is with our customer in mind.

Integrity and Accountability: We have team members in Auckland, Shanghai, and Sydney and so remote work is important to us. We expect that our team is empowered and works autonomously together to achieve our goals. A key requirement for this is for our team to be accountable for their actions and maintain their integrity.

Inclusive Guidance and Support: Blockchain is hard, and everyone needs help sometimes. There is no such thing as a stupid question in our community and everyone in our team is expected to help support our users. We learn some of the most valuable insights about our service (and how we can improve it) directly from our community.

Our Ambassadors Program

Our SubQuery Ambassador program aims to find community leaders passionate about Polkadot and SubQuery. We’re looking for self-starters that can spread the word about SubQuery in their local areas and provide support to new developers that want to use SubQuery to build amazing apps and services on Polkadot.

Ambassador Benefits

At SubQuery, we work hard to achieve what we do. Similarly, Ambassadors are expected to commit some time when joining our team but will be rewarded with benefits.

Funding and Support: You may be rewarded for good work with early opportunities into private sales and bounties. Additionally, we’ll be providing funding grants for you to run community meetups.

SubQuery Team Access: You’ll have direct access to the core SubQuery team with opportunities for hands-on training, exclusive AMAs with our leaders and developers, and insight into our roadmap.

Network Development: Expect to grow your professional network by being an Ambassador for one of the top Polkadot projects. Meet other ambassadors around the world and receive introductions to local Polkadot projects that we need to support locally. You might even get free entry to represent SubQuery in events in your local area.

Swag and other free stuff: Everyone likes free stuff! Receive an annual allocation of SubQuery swag that’ll make you stand out in the crowd. Plus additional allocation that you can share around at community events. You’ll also receive an exclusive NFT for your Ambassador status.

How does it work

Our Ambassador program has multiple tiers, each tier has different benefits and capabilities. You can move up tiers by participating in Ambassador activities and working hard for us.

Once you have sent through an application, we will select candidates that align with our values. If selected you are placed in our trainee program and will receive an information package, expanding your understanding of SubQuery. After this, you can start to work through the trainee program by completing certain onboarding tasks (e.g. creating a SubQuery Project). We will host workshops throughout this process to support you.

Once you pass the trainee program, you can call yourself a SubQuery ambassador and will be accepted into our full program. From here on you can continue to work though the program and progress up the tiers, earning more rewards and benefits as you climb the ranks.

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Ambassador Activities

SubQuery Ambassadors are able to contribute through four main areas, including event management, content creation, translation, and community moderation. You can participate in as many areas as you want, you’re not bound to any single one.

Event Management: Build local communities by hosting, organising, and managing different events. Building a local community will be a key part of growing the SubQuery community. SubQuery will support you by providing funding for events, sending swag/merchandise to be given away, as well as attending Q&As or online events as speakers or in AMA sessions.

Content Creation: We have a long list of content and support material that we need help creating. Remember, our success relies on the ability for our customers to build amazing things on our service, so we need your help to make that easier.

Content includes videos, infographics, tutorials, animations, or any other related material, to inform, educate, or inspire community members within the SubQuery Ecosystem. SubQuery will support Content Creators by providing branding assets and expertise. We’ll also use SubQuery’s marketing channels to increase awareness of your content (and yourself).

Translation: Our customers don’t just speak english! We need your help making SubQuery more accessible by translating our content into your own language, as well as helping sharing the word to our international community.

Community Moderation: Moderators will help grow the SubQuery community by ensuring that official community channels are active and engaging. SubQuery will support Moderators by promoting the channels that they monitor, as well as provide guidelines for our expectations.

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SubQuery Network

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