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SubQuery Network

Transform and query the world’s data for the web3.0 future

The Problem

What are our Goals


Participants in the SubQuery Network
  • Consumers: Consumers will make requests to the SubQuery Network for specific data and pay an advertised amount of SQT
  • Indexers: Indexers will host SubQuery Projects in their own infrastructure, running both the node and query service to index data and answer GraphQL requests.
  • Delegators: Delegators will participate in the network by supporting their favourite Indexers to earn rewards

Indexers, Consumers, and Queries

  • More SubQuery partners come onboard
  • We’re hiring!
  • SubQuery is part of the Web3.0 Bootcamp

More SubQuery Partners Come Aboard

You can now deploy to a isolated staging slot

  • Focus on Partner tools — SubQuery Projects Launch
  • BiFrost SubQuery use case
  • Scalability Improvements by our service provider OnFinality
  • And more…

A Focus on Partner Tools

SubQuery Projects

SubQuery Network

SubQuery is here to help you transform and query the world’s data for a web3.0 future.

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