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SubQuery Network

Transform and query the world’s data for the web3.0 future

The Problem

Providing Free Data Indexing for Wasm Tech Alliance

Things are getting busy 🔥

  • Whitepaper Release 🎊
  • Team Expansion 👩‍💻
  • Staging Deployments 📥
  • SubQuery Dictionary Service 📖
  • Improving our Reach in China 🇨🇳

SubQuery Network Whitepaper Announcement 🎊

Represent SubQuery in Your Community!

What are our Goals


Participants in the SubQuery Network
  • Consumers: Consumers will make requests to the SubQuery Network for specific data and pay an advertised amount of SQT
  • Indexers: Indexers will host SubQuery Projects in their own infrastructure, running both the node and query service to index data and answer GraphQL requests.
  • Delegators: Delegators will participate in the network by supporting their favourite Indexers to earn rewards

Indexers, Consumers, and Queries

SubQuery Network

SubQuery is here to help you transform and query the world’s data for a web3.0 future.

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